Oct 18, 2013

Selena Gomez crying on stage

Why weeps Selena Gomez two times in a row at their concerts on the stage?

Oh no! What Sel has only? Even at two concerts Selena Gomez cried on stage. It seems that the sweet singer currently very emotional. Is it the exhausting tour of ex-Justin Bieber or something completely different?

When she 15 October performte their ballad "Love Will Remember" on stage, Selena Gomez was crying on stage. The song is supposed to be about Justin yes. Selena said at the time about the song:

"'Love Will Remember' is obviously a very personal song for me and I have nothing more to say. I think my fans will understand it." Sel is not yet Jus away? On stage, she said with tears in his eyes: "As everyone in this room, I also have these bad days, and I understand if you feel as if there just is not enough, and will you return to your childhood days, it was all so easy. "

The most beautiful pictures of Sel's here!

Just one day later, Selena Gomez was crying on stage again. This time though

in Brooklyn, but in the same song. Yet according Selena her tears had nothing to do with her ex, but with their fans. She was very disappointed that she was not allowed to use Instagram. Selena makes namely at the end of every concert, always a picture of herself and her fans. It's practically a tradition! But the hall operator had in fact a photo ban pronounced by reference to the security provision. Sel on Twitter to apologize to her fans:
"I have never let such a wonderful concert in tears forming, because they did not allow me to use Instagram. My heart is broken and I'm so pissed. Thank you, Brooklyn. Tomorrow I will before my appearance on Letterman as compensation autographs. much I love you more than you know. "
For this purpose they posted a picture of himself on which she has tears in her eyes and a Brooklyn-shirt holding up.

They simply want to just take in the arm when you see this picture?

Selena seems in any case at the moment to be built very close to the water!