Oct 25, 2013

Roma Acorn told about the attack

Roma AcornYoung Roma Acorn videobloger that October 23 was in intensive care after being beaten, said the attack criminals. The young man was able to recall the details of the raid that occurred in the metro station "Dinamo" in Moscow.

Singer Ignat Karimov, known as Roma Acorn, gave his first interview after the news of his brutal beating. 17-year-old star Runeta remembered the details of that tragic evening. "It was all very fast - said Acorn. - Somewhere in the" Dynamo. "Before I could realize anything. Still do not know where my cell phone. All I can say is that it was about three people ".

popular among young people videobloger said he remembers only passers-by who tried to help him," I think it's only because of them I found some salvation ... Because they found my father . Ambulance at this point just did not come. I remember that I was there by myself for a long time. "

Roma Acorn also dismissed rumors that everything that happened to him was some attempt at self-PR: "What should be a moral monster to joke like that. Joking and deceiving his fans, his family and close friends who just do not know what to do now. How moral monster have to be to do that. "

It should be noted, the news of the beating of the young videoblogera spread through the Internet at the speed of light. And if at first sympathized with users of social networks acorn, then a few hours after the news that he was in intensive care, many have questioned the reality of what happened to the boy. In particular, users of Facebook after October 24 appeared on the Internet a video message Roma Acorn, which shows his bruises, broken nose clogged nostrils with cotton wool and dissected her lip began to speculate that it's more like a PR.

"Roma Acorn refused to appear at a professional chamber light.'s very strange, of course ... He is wearing glasses and a hood ... It is strange it all. But you look and decide for fake or true", - wrote on his Twitter editor Life News Ashot Gabrelyanov.