Oct 14, 2013

Rihanna has settled in Johannesburg.

Rihanna leaves the trash girl is moved by animals in South Africa!

While in South Africa for two dates of his interminable Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna has settled in Johannesburg. The queen of provocation went to meet the local animals, a great moment of tenderness that the singer shared on her Instagram account.

We may be the queen of trash girls, it is enough that you will put a cub in her arms to you redeveniez a person like the others ...

After passing through Australia and New Zealand with its Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna flew to another wilderness, South Africa. To mark the occasion of his arrival in the country of Nelson Mandela, Huey has chosen to offer a manicure local color with the South African flag drawn on one of her nails.

Before mounting last night (Sunday, October 13) on stage at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, the incendiary Brown went into a reserve to meet the animals of the savannah, a wild release that the singer shared with her fans on Instagram . Simply dressed in a long shirt and military boots floor board, Riri literally fell in love with a young lion of the reserve. How not to be charmed by this little baby that looks like a teddy bear? Face giraffe, Huey played engage in a competition draw languages ​​...

During his visit, the former Chris Brown also photographed his new tattoo, the one she made in New Zealand and has so much suffering.

.. After his stay in South Africa, Riri will enchainer with the United Arab Emirates. Not sure she can get in this outfit ...