Oct 31, 2013

Rihanna finished tribal tattoo

Rihanna wanted to improve somewhat tribal tattoo on her hand, which she pinned to the natives of New Zealand.

But the singer used to work with "proven" celebrity-masters, so she called Keith McCurdy, who immediately flew to the Dominican Republic to Rihanna . 11:00 hard work - and the tattoo was ready.

25-year-old singer loves tattooing:

This is a whole culture. I study the different types of tattoos, history. Sometimes I do a tattoo, and sometimes - with your friends.

This time Rihanna has decided not to risk it and stay on the henna. Recall that the natives of New Zealand, literally "tortured" singer: tattoo tools - a hammer and chisel. Riri laid out the shocking photos in Twitter.

Note that the tattoo artist tried not to disturb the authenticity of pedigree drawing.