Oct 18, 2013

Penelope Cruz: 'I have learned to hide their fears'

Penelope Cruz

This year has been a time of discovery of Penelope Cruz and innovative roles, except that the second time she became a mother, played by an actress is not typical for the role in the "Advisor" by Ridley Scott and for the first time sat in the director's chair. In a conversation with a reporter The Hollywood Reporter Penelope shared her thoughts about what attracted so stars in this film, and admitted that she liked to strip supermodels.

 Subject of the picture is familiar to you?

No special lectures about the structure of the drug cartels, it has not read - this area of ​​life I still only know what she had read in the newspapers. A acquainted with the question on the spot could not: we just filmed in England and Spain. But it seems to me that this story is more important story of the temptation of power, ambition, and how far it can all make and what price to pay for such a game with fire. In other words, the film is about freedom of choice and the consequences of the decision.

Penelope Cruz

Tell us more about your heroine.

She is a strong woman who has achieved everything in life. Suddenly she realizes that something has gone wrong. Laura - the only character in the film who does not know what is going on behind her back, and only intuition helps her to guess that it was from her hiding. Ultimately, it turns out she is a victim of the game, started by her boyfriend, played by Michael Fassbender. It is very interesting to portray such thin in terms of the nature of the heroine, not the usual and customary me femme fatale.

Your personal experience somehow helped to work on the role?

With a view with which ran my character, I have to deal, fortunately, was not necessary. But in fact, the temptations begin with childhood, as soon as there is a need to make their own choice - as the story itself in this or that situation? Go to the right or to the left? Often, teens have to try something wrong to later make the right decision. I was saved from drugs, and I believe that it is necessary to escape from them, no matter how tempting not look that experience. It's easier - I did a terrible coward, though, and learned to hide their fears. So my relaxation is deceptive - no one has no idea what's going on inside of me.

You is the second time after the "Indomitable Hearts" are working together c Cormac McCarthy, author of the script. Tell us a little about it. After all, for most of his fans he reclusive.

- I'm a big fan of the books of Cormac, but the opportunity to meet with him on the "Indomitable hearts" I did not have. He was the author of a literary basis and has not appeared on the set, so we stayed for a mysterious, almost mystical figure. This time it was different: as the film is based on his script, he attended every day. We were nervous at first, but he was so open and easy to communicate, we just tortured him with questions.