Oct 29, 2013

Nicole Kidman on the verge of divorce

Nicole Kidman on the verge of divorce

Famous Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman is on the verge of divorce. Australian diva hardly seen with her husband, singer Keith Urban.

Not have time to calm down the talk about the sudden break-up Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom and his wife model Miranda Kerr, as rumors emerged that the family is not the other famous actresses all right. We are talking about Nicole Kidman. Ostensibly lengthen separation between her and her husband Keith Urban is very negative effect on their relationship.

Interestingly, the difficulties in the family told himself Keith Urban recently when the show was well-known TV host Ellen DeGeneres. For some time now Keith became a judge of a very popular American TV project American Idol, takes him a lot of time and effort. Urban gave a candid interview in which he admitted that the work has a negative impact on their marriage with Nicole.

"I've always tried to plan your tour schedule in such a way as to not miss home more than a week. And I succeeded! While I became a judge on American Idol. This project takes a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, my wife is shot in London. Thus, because of the work we can not stay together "- quote Keith Urban" 7 days . "

The musician said he and his wife, a very old-fashioned. For example, they absolutely do not recognize any of the modern means of communication, except the phone, because they believe that they are terribly unromantic. "We never send sms to each other and do not write your email. Telephone calls - the only way we keep in touch at a distance", - said the famous singer. However, neither Urban nor Kidman does not comment on rumors of a possible break-up.

It reminds edition, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were married in 2006. The couple have two daughters - Sunday Rose's five-year and two-year Faith Margaret. Nicole also has two adopted children from his marriage to Tom Cruise: 20-year-old Isabella and 18-year-old