Oct 29, 2013

Monica Bellucci on the novel with Ismailov

After leaving Hollywood actress Monica Bellucci, with her husband, actor Vincent Cassel, there were rumors that actress meets with Azerbaijani businessman Telman Ismailov. Both long time refused to comment on the topic, but in the end Bellucci told about the "novel" with the businessman.

Information about the novel and Monica Bellucci Telman Ismailov began shortly after the actress split with her husband Vincent Cassel. And after the end of September in the Azerbaijani press Monica congratulated on his birthday, such rumors have intensified.

"That's the part that I do not know where she could appear on nothing builds" - quote Statement of Monica Bellucci RIA Novosti reported. Moreover, the actress allowed herself a little candor, saying that after breaking up with Cassel, "because they have personalities that develop in different directions," in her life, there is no other man.

On the question of whether Cassel meets with other women, Bellucci said she did not know about it. In this case, plans to return from France, where she lived with her husband at home - in Italy, the actress at the moment. In addition, Bellucci has denied rumors of a romance with film director Emir Kusturica, with whom she is working on his new film.

Recall that Bellucci met Ismailov back in 2009 at the opening of the hotel "Mardan Palace" in Turkey . Then he had invited 600 VIP-guests, but the focus has got to Monica. After that, the paparazzi allegedly repeatedly seen a couple together at social events.

As parting Italian actress and her husband, the first time the break Bellucci and Cassel became known at the end of August this year. Then, breaking the pair officially confirmed by a representative of Monica.

Causes separation of star spouses are unknown. However, the information about the quarrel actors appeared in the spring of 2012, when Vincent Cassel was accused of treason. The reason for the application are pictures of the actor in the company with an unknown woman.