Oct 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus: The public wants to shut me up!

Who is Miley Cyrus on top of success. Her face adorns the cover of the tabloids and glossy magazines around the world.

In the December issue of the American magazine Cosmopolitan scandalous singer decided to finally open up and express their opinions on all "controversial" issues.

First Miley said that she is thinking about the past year:

now going full chaos and asylum. I live at a furious pace, but just what I like. I enjoy the moment and think that everything is exactly as it should be. Even people who hate me, acknowledge that says about me the whole world!

I do not want to say that I'm the best, or that I'm number one in some stupid list. Rather, I am among the losers, but losers cool! That is to love me and what I'm doing is wrong. But this is the coolest thing. So if you want to be a trend, like me! Here it is, the approach of real punk. In short, the company wants to shut me up.
Cyrus again commented on her scandalous performance at the ceremony VMA MTV:

rose When the hype around my room, I began to ask the question, "What, never seen my clip We can't stop? " Actually the ceremony would be unrealistic boring if I had not acted on it. Did no one has a sense of humor? I just made a mockery of the pop industry, that's all.

I absolutely purple, of the stars who criticize me. I think everyone would have given anything to be in my place. Because I am sincere and live, really live, one hundred percent. I never lie to myself. At the end of each day we live I tell myself that I'm a good person. I respect and appreciate each person. And never did bad things.
Miley talked about her true friends:

I love Kanye West - he always supports me. Besides, we do not compete with each other. But friendship with Katy Perry - this is really surprising, because, roughly speaking, we are rivals, as we work in the same musical style.
And finally, Miley spoke about his personal life. She has long had a relationship, but it is not sad:

music - that's my boyfriend! We present a novel, yet another I just do not have. God created me not to, so I whined and complained. In short, crying over what has passed!
According to Cyrus, we live for one purpose only - to be happy and to give happiness to others.