Oct 11, 2013

Miley Cyrus offered to shoot a film for adults for one million dollars

It seems to be much much more - but, to paraphrase a famous saying, there is no limit to Insanity: a large producer of adult movies offered Miley Cyrus directed the band in the genre of hardcore porn. Price question - one million dollars.

But spiteful critics and criticism of the young stars at the end of August, after the performance itself on the VMA, Miley offered to change the genre (there already and change nothing! - They said) and try in the porn industry - though as an actress.

Now the ex-Hannah Montana has a real chance to direct his boundless energy into its corresponding channel. At the very least, the leadership of the porn company with confidence, energy, Miley - the most that neither is appropriate:

you [reference to Miley - approx. Ed.] have become a strong and possessing the power of a young woman who is not going to apologize for our way of life, especially when it comes to expressing your sexuality. You - the perfect person that can show the world your vision and reveal themselves in the adult film industry.
Will the 20-year-old Cyrus the proposal, or would prefer to miss such an opportunity for mixed his directorial debut? Response from the star did not arrive - as we know, the schedule Miley extremely stressful (for example, to respond to an open letter to Sinead O'Connor in her time there).

Now the pop star is actively engaged in promotion of their new album and perhaps secretly preparing a new "bomb" - judging by the last few months, you can expect from the star of anything.