Oct 17, 2013

Miley Cyrus does not want a new relationship

Miley Cyrus new relationship

Recently, Miley Cyrus is credited affair with 26-year-old photographer of Rolling Stone magazine and ex-boyfriend Liv Tyler, Theo Wenner. However, the singer announced that he would not start a boyfriend for a year.

Recall that in September Miley Cyrus broke up with her fiance Liam Hemsworth after a year after the announcement of their engagement. He has already found another girl, but Miley is not able to follow his example.

According to an insider, the singer enjoy the company of Theo Wenner, but about something serious out of the question:

People inflate mountains out of molehills! They hang out, and she found it very sexy, but that's nothing. Miley does not want to be somebody's girlfriend. In the near future for sure. She promised herself that, at least a year will not start boyfriend.
In addition, a source close to Cyrus, says that she loves to swim in the love and attention:

It literally pursue the crowd of boys! Of course, she was hard to resist the temptation, but she swears that as long as one remains. She believes in themselves.
By the way, a few days ago Miley was joking:

I heard that after 40 years of sex does not happen. Well, when I'm the same, I can check it!
We also support Miley. After all, she's only 20 years old and she is at the peak of glory, so why get distracted by personal life? In addition, the singer perfectly relieves stress on fitness training. View