Oct 31, 2013

Metallica identified themselves as fans of Justin Bieber

Metallica band members called themselves fans of American singer Justin Bieber. This was announced in an interview with the band magazine Q.

the reason for this was the recognition laid out on October 15 in the Internet backstage Bieber's videos on which he sings the melody of the famous song Metallica "Fade to Black".

Frontman James Hetfield when asked what he thought about the Canadian pop star said: "Belibery me? Yeah!" (Ed. - Beliberami call themselves fans of Justin Bieber - from "Bieber" and the English "believer" - "believer"). Bassist Rob Trujillo also added that he would consider himself beliberom as long as the pop singer "stays away from trouble".

Drummer Lars Ulrich, in turn, said: "Is it possible to feel respect for him without being beliberom? I think this kid is actually very talented. Obviously, you can move the mind, if you go through all the things that he had to go through at such a young age. So the fact that he still continues to work, I admire. suspect that I am in some way beliber. If he likes the song "One", and he was like Liam Gallagher, what can I say more? "

Previously, the band's manager Peter Mensch told reporters that he wanted to would "take Bieber to shed it there and have a good spanking." Mensch also noted that the career of a young pop musician will last "on the strength of three years".

19-year-old singer on several occasions openly expressed his sympathy for the metal band. In 2012, he stated that the use of the song Metallica "One" and "Fade to Black" during his raspevok.