Oct 29, 2013

Maxim Galkin had an accident

The popular TV host Maxim Galkin became a member of an accident in Moscow. Car Bentley, which was known showman, collided with a minibus.

Maxim Galkin in the accident, fortunately, was not injured, but the car after the collision artist was heavily damaged. "I took the time to film" Kings Can Do Everything. "My car stopped at a traffic light near Paveletskaya, followed by a sudden blow. As we drove a minibus SsangYoung, apparently, the driver fell asleep at the wheel. But, thank God, the shot went on a tangent to the the right-hand side. considerable damage to the machine, the damage will be calculated a round sum - well, that car is insured. Personally, I waited for the traffic police, explained to them the circumstances of the accident and flew to the site - I was already there waiting. I was not injured, escaped with only a slight shock, "- told showman.

As it became known, in the accident that occurred on Sunday around seven in the morning on the Garden Ring, guilt Maxim Galkin not. Car wife Alla Pugacheva was driving at the time of the collision on the shaft in the direction of Zatsepskiy Krasnokholmsky bridge.

The machine has broken down the right side of the artist - the back door, mirror, molding and wheels. Maxim Galkin he was not driving and was in the back seat as a passenger, he was accompanied by a personal driver, writes Heat.ru.

guilty in an accident was found 37-year-old driver of SsangYong. Violation of the rules he had to rebuild to pay the fine. Galkina threaten foreign car repair work, so that the father of two children, Harry and Lisa will not soon sit in your favorite Bentley, where everything needed for comfortable movement artist.

Earlier machine showman already involved in road accidents, and suitable parts had to wait more than six months. This time the artist is counting on a quick repair, as for the maintenance of a large family a lot of work, and therefore often move around the city and beyond.