Oct 14, 2013

Madonna hit the ban list cinema chain

Cinema chain, located in the state of Texas has banned Madonna to visit their branches: the singer violated the local rules.

Last week, Madonna visited the New York Film Festival, which visited the premiere of "12 years of slavery" (12 Years A Slave ). During the session, and the star was an unpleasant incident: the artist decided to write a text message, that the rules of The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is strictly prohibited. When Madonna was asked to stop and remove the phone conversation, she has responded to the demand extremely irritable (obviously, with being under the influence of the film about the cruel slave-owners):

This is for business ... oppressor!
Network The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has long been a policy - no SMS messages during sessions movie. Thus, when the story came to the founder and CEO Tim League cinema, he wrote on his page on the social networking site that Madonna will no longer be welcome in the chain of movie theaters:

Madonna included in the ban list the network of theaters, until she apologizes to fans of the movie.
pop star did not react to such a statement. Perhaps she still writes text messages, adjusting their business.