Oct 25, 2013

Madonna earned $ 8,000,000 on the sale of the house

Madonna earned $ 8,000,000 on the sale of the house

Celebrities continue to get rid of the houses that remind them of the ex-lovers. But if Robert Pattinson is still waiting for a buyer who covet their Kristen Stewart's love nest, the Madonna is "fusion" mansion, bought during the marriage to Guy Ritchie. Not only that - the lucky Madge earned $ 8 million deal.

House in Beverly Hills with nine bedrooms, a two-story dining room, a cinema and a tennis court Madonna once acquired for $ 12 million. The real estate market in January, he was - and after only 10 months has already been sold. And the price was lower than the original by only 500,000 dollars. They say, the abode of the pop queen has bought one of the large speculators on Wall Street.

One of the main advantages of the estate called his privacy. An area of ​​17,000 square meters of the perimeter is surrounded by tall spreading trees that cover the review of overly curious citizens. However, it is unlikely for the new host of "lock" it is just as important as for Madonna.