Oct 13, 2013

Lindsay Lohan: her half-sister paid € 19,000 and underwent five operations to be like him!

Great unease. At just 18 years old, Ashley Horn has undergone five plastic surgery to look like his half-sister, Lindsay Lohan, who still refuses to meet her.

With his chubby cheeks and big brown eyes, she was all mignonette, Ashley, the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan (whose existence was revealed publicly in 2012, during a talk show). But now, at just 18, she decided to have it redone to resemble the portrait ... his star half-sister! Ouch! "I had a rhinoplasty, is a little narrow down my cheeks and my jaw, and the fat was injected into my chin and my cheeks," she brags, having spent 19 000.

>> "I am hotter than Lindsay!"

"My goal was to look at my half-sister in her good days, when she was 18 or 19 years and it was the height of his glory. I want to make a career in Hollywood and I'm not afraid to say it: I'm hotter than Lindsay! ". Statements that are chilling when we know that Lindsay has always refused to meet his half-sister.

>> Hidden father

Ashley may be hotter than Lindsay, but it is apparently not more balanced! I must say that the girl did nothing for her. After growing up without a father until the age of 17, she learned (on a TV tray) that is Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father, alcoholic and notorious womanizer ... Will lose ground!

>> 5 surgeries only 18!

since it provides yet "have developed a real bond with (his) father". Hmm ... A father a little bit considerate would he not tried to dissuade her daughter 18 years undergoing five cosmetic surgery intended to make it look like his half-sister? Poor Ashley, a good therapy would certainly have been more profitable than snip!