Oct 15, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio threw Tony Garnier for Brazilian fashion model?

Wow! Leonardo DiCaprio's new novel twisted. Loving actor can not stop: he changes girlfriends models like gloves. This time the star wide screens threw the German fashion model Tony Garnier, the place where hurried to take her 24-year-old colleague on the podium - Brazilian Kate Torres.

Unexpected news she shared the catwalk, which in one of his interviews, blabbed about the relationship with DiCaprio:

I met Leo in Cannes. During the festival, we had lived in the same hotel. Leo's amazing, but I'm worried that he will think of me after this interview. We had a deal - we've decided not to talk about our relationship.

Recall that two weeks ago the paparazzi caught DiCaprio in the company of Tony Garnier and Lukas Haas in Hollywood, where the trio sipped milk in the local eco-restaurant . Surely in that short time, the actor had to part with Garnier and an affair with a hot babe from Brazil?!