Oct 23, 2013

Kostya Tszyu files for divorce after 20 years of marriage

Kostya Tszyu divorce

It was learned that the 44-year-old boxer Kostya Tszyu files for divorce after 20 years of marriage with Natalia athlete decided to change the status of the family and start a new phase in his life. Divorce procedure will occur in Australia on December 3. Recall that Kostya Tszyu has two citizenship, and Natalia has lived in Australia it is with the children, which is rumored to be her "abandoning his" Kostya himself.

According to insiders, Chi left his wife Natalia and three children for the sake of a new relationship with a certain model in Moscow.

Konstantin Tszyu and Natalia raise 19-year-old Timothy, 15-year-old Nikita, and 11-year-old daughter, Nastya.

According to Natalia, they part friends and would talk on the phone. But it is not firmly decided to give up alimony:

farthing I will not take from him. I am able to financially take care of the children. They now need no money, and attention. I would be glad if he could see more of them. Daughter recently turned 11, and she cried that her father is not on holiday. We have calculated and found that Kostya was attended by only three of her birthday ... I am grateful to Costa for those 20 happy years that we have lived together. Maybe in the future with me will be a different man, who is not even a champion, but just a good man.
Way, their marriage broke up two years ago. Now they just conformity paper. It is said that after the sports career Tszyu had to start life from scratch. In Australia, he had nothing else to do, so he settled in Moscow, where he immediately fell into the company of beautiful girls.

Natalia also wanted to return to Russia, but it turned out that the children strongly opposed.

By the way, Constantine refused any comment on the divorce and he probably will not be present - the documents it receives in the mail directly to Moscow.