Oct 15, 2013

Kim Kardashian: she reveals her post-pregnancy diet!

Kim Kardashian she reveals

Kim Kardashian unveils her secret to losing her pregnancy pounds.

Four months after the birth of North, Kim Kardashian agrees only to remonstrate publicly. Prior to his appearances at Fashion Week in Paris, the queen of reality had been very discreet. Some said they wanted to lose the weight accumulated during pregnancy. It is now almost done and the young mother of 32-year-old picked out with his sisters in particular.

A diet rich in ... fat! 

She also revealed she followed the diet to quickly eliminate the weight it took until her daughter. This is the Atkins diet. This system eliminates much of carbohydrates from the diet. Those who practice it can eat a little protein, but mostly ... Fats! However they limit the intake of carbohydrates (including sugars slow) and fruits and vegetables in the first place.

This plan was developed in 1970 by Dr. Robert Atkins and was attended by 40 million people in the world! Among them, Kim Kardashian So, just talk to her fans on Twitter, but also the Osbourne family. Each celebrity's diet! After giving birth, Jessica Simpson, for his part resumed its role as an ambassador Weight Watchers!