Oct 14, 2013

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp will be removed in a clip of Paul McCartney

British newspaper The Mirror reported that one of the most famous couples 90 - Supermodel Kate Moss and actor Johnny Depp - for the first time after breaking up will appear together in public, that is - on the screen. Ex-lovers will be removed in a new clip of Paul McCartney.

Course, the renewal of the famous "coca novel" Moss and Depp's length in four years out of the question - Kate happily married to Jamie Hince, and Johnny meets with Hollywood beauty Amber Heard. However, the star for the first time after the break agreed to come together, and then the video of the song McCartney Queenie's Eye guaranteed record views on YouTube.

Here is what the source of the long-awaited reunion edition:

They really went to avoid each other because of all that once was. But they just could not refuse McCartney. In the video, they have very small roles, but it's really their first joint appearance on the screen from the moment of parting.
Appearance of stars in the movie and he confirmed Gender:

They are good friends of mine and my boizkie duzya daughter Stella. I am very lucky that they had agreed to star in the movie.
By the way, Kate and Johnny - is not the only star friends McCartney family, which will appear in the video. According to sources, the studio Abbey Road, gzhe were shooting the video, it was noted, "constellation", including Meryl Streep and Gary Barlow.