Oct 24, 2013

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp on the set of the new video of Paul McCartney

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp on the set of the new video of Paul McCartney
At the beginning of last week, we learned that Paul McCartney's new music video for the song Queenie's Eye will not just celebrities and mega-stars - Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep and Gary Barlow. Today, however, it became known that the list is much longer.

On set video were seen celebrities such as Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Tom Ford, Lily Cole, Alice Eve, Chris Pine, daughter of the legendary singer - Stella McCartney and others.

By the way, one of the most famous couples 90 - Moss and Depp - for the first time after breaking up will appear together in public, that is - on the screen: the stars have gone to such a move for Paul McCartney.

According to the producer, model and fashion editor Laura Bailey, who also took part in the filming, the whole process was more like do not work, and a good time:

I worked only two days. The atmosphere was festive and relaxed. In the air, hovering some magic. On the set were Johnny Depp, who almost did not do anything, but it effortlessly became the protagonist, the fearless James Corden and others.

Everything was done so that we felt part of a new chapter Abbey Road ( The complex of recording studios in London. This is where the shooting took Paul McCartney's new music video - approx. edition of "Gossip").
Bailey also noted that the originator of the event felt like home, McCartney's never worried about what is happening around him:

Paul played the piano and joked between takes, he shared his memories of the past.
Well, the visuals for the track Queenie's Eye promises to be an incredible still - a cluster of stars in the one clip! Such could create only Sir Paul McCartney, look forward to!