Oct 18, 2013

Kanye West he did not want to marry Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West have clearly explained to his friends that he did not want to marry Kim Kardashian, according to one of their loved ones

This is the drama! Since these two are dating, you think their marriage! Kim Kardashian has made no secret of wanting a ceremony princess worthy of that of Kate Middleton. According to some sources, Kanye West would in turn make it right, especially since the birth of North. Now that Kim Kardashian is officially divorced from Kris Humphries, one would think that the discussion was new news. But apparently not! According to a relative of the rapper who has told Radar Online, Kanye West does not have the intention to take the plunge!
"Kanye told his friends that he will never marry Kim," said the source before continuing: "He did not need or want to make their union official in the eyes of the law." This is Kim Kardashian to be happy!

Kim has "learned the value of privacy" 

According to this person,
"Kanye prefer the idea that they are partners. Think marriage is outdated. He loves what is new, in tune with the times. He does not think they should get married just because they have a daughter "
Apparently, Kim Kardashian would be the idea.
"Before, she was in appearance. Now, more and more, she spends time without his family and try to live for herself. It took a while to learn the value of intimacy and abandon The idea of ​​a wedding bling, but it's going to happen with Kanye "
continued the source. For the wedding, we want to try to believe it, but the intimacy he missed! The starlet has posted her ass close-up on the Internet, prompting a comment excited his companion!