Oct 29, 2013

Justin Bieber: it helps to build a school in Guatemala

Justin Bieber did not hesitate a second to help disadvantaged children. Thus, the Canadian singer has recently visited the austere jungle of Guatemala with the organization Pencils of Promise, an organization that fights throughout the world to provide access to education for children in the country poor.

It is in a completely devastated by poverty landscape that Justin Bieber has lent a hand to build a wall of a school ... . An institution that will soon be able to accommodate future students eager to study

In a video posted on YouTube, the young man of 19 years said: "Today was probably one of the most days magic in my life. " Before telling: "I was in a place I never knew existed with beautiful children who live in a small hut ten and I was shaken ... Every problem I have is nothing because them, they have nothing (...) However, they are happy! " Watch!