Oct 18, 2013

Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins: Twitter chaos

Jamie Campbell Bower Lily Collins und Twitter Chaos!

In the "Mortal Instruments" Stars Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins's a fat mess Twitter! But what happened?

What is going on here? Between the two main actors Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins of the movie "The Mortal Instruments" there seems to be properly Zoff! It initially everything seemed so wonderful! During the filming of the first movie of "The Mortal Instruments" Jamie and Lily learned to know and were shortly afterwards a couple. The relationship only lasted a year and just before the premiere of the film, Jamie and Lily parted. But everything was supposed to be good, both are still friends. But now the drama begins:

Shortly after the message spread that Lily Colins and her ex-boyfriend Zac Efron have met on a date and are probably back together, Jamie Campbell Bower has a Twitter account entfolgt of Lily. Not that Lily would use in this moment. Since April, there's been no new tweets more because they want to protect their privacy
And a short time later, Jamie Campbell Bower adopted with the following words on Twitter.:

Jamie's farewell tweet:

Then he deactivated his account. A shock to many fans
Obviously, but the relationship has little to do with his ex-girlfriend with his Twitter finish. Like all Stars Jamie regularly get requests from fans on Twitter whether he can follow them and why he was not responding to tweets. Allegedly, some fans have probably can not leave this lying down and tried to hack his account.