Oct 15, 2013

Irina Bezrukova and Sergey Bezrukov : We twins were born?

39-year-old actor Sergei Bezrukov became a father for the first time. The star series "Brigada" and his wife, 48-year-old actress Irina Bezrukova much to help children in need, it seems, finally my kids were born.

The news that Sergei Bezrukov a year ago, had children, said his father, actor Vitaly Bezrukov, on the radio morning program Ukrainian channel "1 +1».
According Bezrukov Sr., a daughter named Alexandra wife and son - Ivan.
Vitaly Bezrukov also added that the grandchildren are very similar to it. However, the actor did not tell exactly when the babies were born, and showed photos of children.

It should be noted that the information that Irina Bezrukov pregnant, appeared last year. Paparazzi managed to capture the actress on the beach during the filming of "Gentlemen of Fortune 2", which was filmed Sergei Bezrukov. Irene was in a white tunic, which does not hide much rounded belly.

However, the birth of children of a spouse, preferring to protect their privacy from prying not reported, nor commented on an interesting position actress. So, the rumors about the addition of the star in the family gradually subsided, and the news of the pregnancy Bezrukova many believed the gossip that has nothing to do with reality. All the more surprising was the announcement by Vitaly Bezrukov that he is a grandfather.

Recall that Sergei and Irina have been together for over 12 years. The actress has a 23-year-old son Andrew from her first marriage to actor Igor Livanov.

The way, the twins recently born in another stellar pair Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin became the parents of daughter Elizabeth and son Harry. Toddler spouses endured a surrogate mother. At the recently held in Minsk press conference on the play "Bully. Confession, "in which the main role played by Sergei Bezrukov, the actor was asked how he felt about surrogate motherhood. Bezrukov, declined to comment and said he preferred to "refrain".