Oct 25, 2013

Inna Zhirkov is comforting his ex-wife Yulia Arshavin

Yulia Arshavin and Zhirkov Inna

The former wife of the famous Russian footballer Andrei Arshavin Julia Baranovska increasingly began to appear in public after breaking up with Andrew. The reason for that Inna Zhirkov, who does not lose heart and Julia tries to brighten up her loneliness.

After Arshavin went to St. Petersburg to play for the home, "Zenit" and live with the new bride Alice, Julia preferred not often go light. The last couple of months the woman lives in Russia, where it all leads for a another famous footballer's wife - Inna Zhirkov. The other day a friend visited together at a birthday presenter Katie Gordon.

Writes "Express newspaper," Zhirkov is trying to do something to help his girlfriend to settle all outstanding legal issues related to the division of joint property. That's a holiday Katie Gordon Ina brought a Julia for one reason only - was there a prominent Moscow lawyer, a specialist in "star cases" Dobrovinsky.

However, as noted by intrusive paparazzi, Julia stopped wearing a wedding ring, apparently, finally establishing himself in the status of a free woman. After Andrew his relationship with journalist Alice admits that implies a low probability of his return to the ex-wife and three children.

Recall Arshavin has three children: eight-year-Artem, five-year and one-year old Ian Arseny. As the player himself recently, he and Julia, there are some misunderstandings about the future of children. Andrew insists on children living in Russia, and the former spouse is confident that in London it will be better. However, in the Russian children's future will depend on the decision of their mother.