Oct 11, 2013

'Hercules 3D': Kellan Lutz is the first teaser

Greek Myths - an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration, which is quite successful Hollywood producers continue to operate - only next year, the screens go two films about the adventures of Heracles.

First - "Hercules: The Thracian Wars" - is now at the stage of shooting . The main character in the film played by "The Rock" Johnson, Duane, and Russian model Irina Shayk makes its debut on the big screen in the image of his wife Megara.

Today, the network has the first teaser for the film version of yet another adventure of the most popular Greek hero demigod " Hercules 3D ". The first promo video presented himself the leading man - Kellan Lutz.

Name tape speaks for itself - we can expect massive action-spectacle, which according to the producers, should certainly look at the big screen and in 3D. < br>
curious fact: the director and co-writer ribbon Renny Harlin five times nominated for a well-known anti-award "Golden Raspberry" (which did not prevent his work in box to collect a decent cash at the box office).

World premiere of "Hercules 3D" will take place at the end of July 2014 the first.