Oct 17, 2013

fresh image of Kim Kardashian in a white bathing

Kim Kardashian in a white bathing

fresh image of Kim Kardashian that she has posted on his Instagram - reality TV star showed the fruits of their diet and hard training, presented in a picture in a white bathing suit that clearly demonstrates the figure Kim.

Beloved Kardashian Kanye West was delighted with the published picture, he commented on his blog:

I fly home!

And here's a guide Hollywood Walk of Fame is so sexy pictures, does not seem impressed - at least, candid shots in social networks and the regular appearance on the covers of tabloids have not been enough to get the names of the stars.

Not long ago, the show Jimmy Kimmel Mr. West complained that his passion still do not own Star. The answer was not long in coming:

The Walk of Fame is not a reality star. We simply do not have such a category. We are happy to award the reality TV star, when she was nominated and won the "Emmy", "Oscar" or "Grammy". We consider them candidates, if they are recognized by singers or actors.

Well, if Kim still decide to get a star, something tells us she may sing in the movie business or work.

Kim Kardashian in a white bathing