Oct 13, 2013

First lay out Helena Bonham Carter after reports of treason by Tim Burton

A few days ago, Tim Burton caught in the arms of a mysterious blonde. Yesterday, the first lay out Helena Bonham Carter after the news about the treason law spouse.

Within the festival, which these days takes place in the Hamptons, the actress appeared on the red carpet, showing for one day, two different dress - black asymmetrical draped set, as well as printovannoe dress bustier with rough gray boots.

Long dreadlocks, red lipstick and a radiant smile - a saw Bonham Carter guests in the evening.

Hopefully, published an official statement which states that the paparazzi shots, which have become the main proof of adultery have been misinterpreted (and more generally, "the rumors - false") - truthfully, and in a family of eccentric director and his equally flamboyant lover still lived in peace and harmony.