Oct 14, 2013

Eva Bushmina admitted to pregnancy and described her baby

The ex-singer of the group VIA GRA singer Eva Bushmina long concealed the fact of her pregnancy and the birth of the baby.

According to Eva she was always against the increased attention on the part of journalists and the press to detyam.No recently Eva still decided to be honest told the child.

"I have long wanted a child. At age 23, felt ready for it in every sense. And the moral is ripe to take responsibility for the lives of the little man." - Told Bushmina.

Eva shared her story of that first thought about his situation at the time when I came to do an x-ray of the knee. The doctor asked the question - whether a girl is not pregnant. First, Eve immediately replied "no", and then thought, and decided to postpone the procedure. After that, went home and found out ... that is really in the position.

"For a sixth sense made me get up and go home. And intuition did not fail me."

The name for the baby's Eve picked carefully and in advance. She was born June 25, 2013 and named her Edith.

On the father's Eve still does not tell, because he believes that personal Zhin should remain so. Recall that Eva married the son of former Economy Minister Vladimir Lanovoi Dmitry in September 2012, and in February 2013 it became aware of the pregnancy.