Oct 29, 2013

Eugene Feofilaktova told about a secret diet

Young mother and star of the reality show "Dom-2" Eugene Feofilaktova told fans about his secret diet. Recall that after the birth of the participant of the controversial project's son Daniel in less than a year, and Jack has regained its former harmony.

Feofilaktova shared her beauty secrets with fans at once. Only now she is told what helped her get rid of excess weight.

According to Eugenia, even during pregnancy, she studied materials on nutrition, diet and sports. As assures Feofilaktova, it can now be considered a real nutritionist, because in a relatively short period of time, she read a lot of specialized literature.

Star "House-2" says that thanks to her method can lose 3-5 kg. In the first week to refuse a bad meal, and useful (low-fat, but nutritious) food to take up to five times a day. This will speed up your metabolism, insists Eugene.

Second week should give up fried foods and switch to foods, steamed or stewed without oil. Feofilaktova also advised to add to the diet of salads with vegetable oil.

In the third week to say a firm "no" to any fatty meat and say at least a solid "yes" fish, seafood and chicken breasts. In addition, Eugene recommended to reduce the amount of servings, but not the total number of the day.

Finally, the fourth week should be marked by rejection of the majority of carbohydrates. Drink water Feofilaktova offers and vegetable juices.

This diet Eugene advises to combine with exercise.

We can add that every beautiful maidens have their own characteristics of the organism, so all sorts of advice about nutrition is desirable carefully consider and discuss with his personal physician)