Oct 12, 2013

Doctors doubt that Pugacheva is the biological mother of the twins babies

Experts believe that the true motherhood can be proved only by DNA analysis.

Doctors believe that 11 years ago, when the famous singer Alla Pugacheva eggs were collected and stored in nitrogen, there was more of these advanced technologies. Recall that a few days ago, the surrogate mother gave birth to Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin her husband the twins.

 Note that if no specialist would be able to ensure that its biological material is stored. Especially, in women over 35 is dangerous to take the egg. And Alla Pugacheva then was 53 years old.

 Doctors say that was a big risk that the child will be born sick, such as Down syndrome. Therefore, had the idea that the egg donor were - young and fresh. Prove motherhood Divas can only DNA analysis.

 Recall that psychologists believe that twins Pugacheva and Galkin will live in fear.