Oct 31, 2013

Do twins Galkin and Pugacheva appeared nanny

Recently, Lisa and Harry - the children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva one month old. Despite the fact that she feeds Alla twins to look after the kids Diva helps specialized nurse.

"Each of the kids their own room and his own nurse - told reporters sister named Alla Pugacheva, a businesswoman Alina Redel. - C finding babysitting Alla helped sister Natasha Maxim Galkin and another close friend ".

" Nian chose Alla - said the proud father Maxim Galkin. - Alla has involved her friends and acquaintances. A good nanny helped us to find the wife of my brother and Our close friend of the singer Irson Kudikova. Overall, the issue we are very responsible attitude. now I say "we" and mean Alla. Firstly, Allah is better versed in this, and secondly, I was on set. Alla And this was very involved in the last month of pregnancy ".

Recall that in early October, the couple Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin announced the birth of twins - a son and a daughter. Surrogate mother gave birth to a baby, but it's biological children Ally and Maxim.

The eggs were frozen Alla Borisovnoj 11 years ago, when she was with Maxim, but not yet married him officially. A little later, when the couple got married, they decided the decision to become parents. Maxim and daughter Alla named Elizabeth, and his son - Harry.