Oct 24, 2013

Chris Evans in the first teaser action games 'Captain America: The Other War'

Teaser of the second film about the adventures of Captain America by Chris Evans called "The Other War" finally appeared on the network (and tomorrow will premiere a full trailer).

Shooting superhero painting started relatively recently - in April this year, but the first promo video is ready, and we once again have the opportunity to make sure that the cinematic Marvel universe is preparing something big for comic book fans and fans of action films of superheroes endowed with superpowers, for the salvation of the world in general and the struggle between good and evil, where the first prenepremenno wins.

The cast of the new part of Captain America has remained almost unchanged. In addition to Chris Evans, it included Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan. Pleasantly surprised by the part in the film of the Robert Redford.

The story of Captain America adventure continues. This time the action will unfold in the picture today. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, lives in Washington, trying to adapt to the modern world, but soon his regular life comes to an end. Once the organization SHIELD committed assault, Rogers enters the command to save the world under the leadership of Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. By joining forces with the Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson, Captain America is trying to uncover a plot to destroy the world and successfully fighting the mercenaries, but on their way there is a new obstacle in the form of the so-called Winter Soldier.