Oct 26, 2013

Charlie Hunnam helps African children

While the world has focused on Jamie Dornan as the new Gray, Christiane, happy and free Charlie Hunnam involved in charity work. Together with his colleagues in the TV series "Sons of Anarchy" actor attended the event Hogs for Heart Fundraiser, which helps raise money charity One Heart Source, whose mission - to raise the standard of living and education of children in Tanzania and South Africa.

On that date, the foundation has collected 90 thousand dollars - and last but not least thanks to Charlie and his team. It turns out that every actor series supports a specific child: responsible for the medical care or educational programs. At the very Hunnam has three child for whom he is responsible. One of them - 13-year-old Simon. "He's an orphan who lost his mother and father and lived on the street, did not attend school at all - says Charlie. - Then he found this charity who was then 8 years old. We just want to collect as money for these kids.