Oct 13, 2013

Charlie Hunnam has refused to appear in '50 shades of gray'

Unexpected news today voiced company Universal: search an artist Christian Grey role in the movie "50 shades of gray," begins again - Actor Charlie Hunnam withdrew from the project.

As the reason for termination of the contract in a press release issued by the studio, underlined " extremely busy schedule actor on television, preventing him how to prepare for the project ".

Recall Charlie starred in the popular TV series" Sons of Anarchy ", which is now in its sixth season on the channel is successful FX.

EL James, author of the book, which formed the basis for the script tape after learning the news, dryly wrote on Twitter:

I wish Charlie all the best. HKto will become a partner Dakota Johnson, singer Anastacia's role, we will know soon - the company intends to launch the film "50 shades of gray" into production as soon as possible. Place your bets!