Oct 12, 2013

Brand Victoria Beckham earns 100,000 pounds a day

It was learned that Victoria Beckham's fashion brand brings to the family piggy bank record amount - one hundred thousand pounds a day.

In 2012, Beckham made savings of more than 35 million pounds, thanks to advertising campaigns and contract with the club David "Los Angeles Galaxy, "in which he played five years.

However, it is fashionable empire 39-year-old Victoria Beckham has brought the budget of 2 million pounds in just one year. Fashion show of brand Victoria Beckham - one of the most anticipated events on the fashion weeks. Among the star fans clothing from Victoria appear Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Beyonce.

Before the main earner in the family Beckham was, of course, David. But since participation in the group Spice Girls Victoria's own tenacity earned 50 million pounds. And now plans to open stores around the world.

Ironically, finance Victoria went to the mountain as soon as the end of the season her husband decided to retire from football. But now David can often appear in advertising and sign lucrative contracts with fashion brands.

By the way, the couple recently Beckham has earned 10 million by selling his famous mansion in Hertfordshire - better known in the press as "Buckingham Palace" . It is rumored that they have their eyes on a luxury home in London at the cost of 45 million pounds. Well, they have earned it.

Despite enormous wealth, David finds joy in such affordable and simple things like communication with their children:

Before I could take back to their school only sometimes . Now I do it every day!
Way, now all the Beckham family members, including children, work only in the fashion world.