Oct 17, 2013

Brad and Angelina has previously consisted of marriages

Brad and Angelina has previously consisted of marriages

Fans of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, rejoice: it looks like a wedding the most talked about couples in Hollywood are coming soon! According to the British press in the past month, the actors signed a marriage contract.

total amount in the contract is approximately $ 320 million . According to the document, which is painted by as much as 101 pages, if the stars will decide to get a divorce, then the bulk of the money will get to Pitt - 176 million, Jolie also receive "only" 144 million dollars.

According to the source, Jolie long resisted but Pitt still managed to persuade her:

Angelina always disliked marriage contracts, but Brad convinced her that they need it. He's a romantic guy, but very pragmatic.

According to the informant, for Pitt's important not to hurt the children, if they suddenly decide to part with Jolie:

Brad and Angelina has previously consisted of marriages, so they know all the difficulties of divorce.

also rumored to play a couple's wedding later this year. However, some tabloids have reported that the marriage will be a place south of France, and others write that the celebration will be held in Hawaii, which was a favorite spot Jolie's late mother - Marcheline Bertrand.