Oct 15, 2013

Alla Pugacheva has named his son in honor of Harry Potter

Alla Pugacheva

As it turned out, no relation to the royal family of Great Britain Harry's name, which Alla Pugacheva gave his son has.

In a recent interview, Alla herself told me that when she met with Maxim, it reminded her very much Harry Potter. This similarity is remembered and when I saw Pugacheva born a boy - he was very similar to Maxim and, accordingly, on Harry Potter. Thus, it was decided to name the baby Harry.

However, to baptize the boy will still be under the name of Igor, as the name Gary is not in the Orthodox church calendar. But it raises another question, and will be a baptism? Some clergymen are determined and why they think that children born to surrogate mothers can not baptize.

Probably Alla be able to negotiate with the ROC. She has been living in the times when her actions were contrary to the rules of the church, but as is always the situation "resolves" in its favor.

Alla Pugacheva