Oct 24, 2013

Aleksander Emelianenko arrested on suspicion of beating a man in a cafe

Aleksander Emelianenko arrested

Police detained a member of the conflict that took place yesterday in one of the cafes in the south of Moscow.it is a mixed martial fighter Aleksander Emelianenko, who had beaten one of the visitors institution.

MOSCOW, Oct. 24. Police detained a member of the conflict that took place on Wednesday at the cafe in the south of Moscow, who allegedly beat a visitor facilities

"The staff of Ministry of Internal Affairs detained by SAD party yesterday sought the conflict in the cafe on the street East, who allegedly inflicted the injuries to one of the visitor facilities. It will be taken to the police station for questioning," - the press service of the Moscow central board.
A law enforcement source told that on suspicion of beating men detained mixed martial fighter Aleksander Emelianenko.

What happened on East Street

According to police, the fighter was dining at a cafe in the Southern District of Moscow. He had a conflict with the company of visitors. As a result of the outbreak of fighting one person was injured. The issue of a criminal case.

  • Eyewitness fights, "Emelianenko came at a cafe in the seventh hour of the evening, he was annoyed with something, ask the waiter for a whiskey, and then started on a raised voice to communicate with the company, which celebrated the anniversary at this cafe. Apparently, he just did not like it event ". 
  • Sourc in law enforcement," Alexander Emelianenko often comes to this cafe because lives nearby. evening as he came to dine. "

What is known Aleksander Emelianenko

Aleksander Emelianenko - one of the most famous Russian fighters of mixed style, the younger brother of one of the best MMA-fighters in the world Fedor Emelianenko. Unlike his brother, Alexander found himself repeatedly implicated in various scandals

Furthermore, the UK has verified the information on the alleged rape of a perfect fighter

As a fighter changed his ring at the monastery

At the end of 2012, Alexander Emelianenko decided to complete a career for health reasons. After that, a multiple world champion in kickboxing for a while lived in Greece on Mount Athos Monastery. What did the soldier monks of