Sep 3, 2013

Shemar Moore: he broke a max in sunny Miami with adorable little fans and admirers sexy !

The U.S. actor knows how to delight his fans ... Young and old, men and women!

Shemar Moore? Too good , too good cut , famous, rich ... It has everything to please , will you tell us ! Well aware that this is not all! The American actor is someone simple and super fun , one of those celebrities who always has a smile and never hesitates to make time for his fans, and the delight with photos, a kiss and sometimes more !

Since yesterday ( Monday, 2 September ) where the hero of the series Criminal Minds was again spotted on the beach in Miami beach, where he spent more time on holiday with some friends. And of course, Shemar is absolutely not go unnoticed! It must be said that in addition to its " mouth" of hottie and her body of Apollo, the star of 43 years has made ​​the show on the hot sand , he created downright riot !

 But a failure to involve his bodyguards , Shemar has delighted his fans by signing autographs for fans boys , taking pictures with his ultra sexy admirers completely overexcited and having fun with the children present . .. Everything for us to prove that he has nothing of a star with big head !

Sure , many girls regret not to be able to Miami also enjoy a special moment with Shemar (you also includes perfectly because at the editorial ' we think the same) !

It is clear already that the loved ... Here, we love it!