Aug 31, 2013

Kara Devlin Burberry at a party in Shanghai

The other day, 21 -year-old supermodel Kara Devlin arrived in Shanghai for a party Art of the Trench Burberry. The event was dedicated to the opening of a new boutique brand in the city, and the supermodel could not miss this fashion event .

For the triumph she chose a classic elegant white pantsuit . This outfit Kara looked great and poulchila title of " style icons " of the evening .

Delvin and she was delighted with his image and immediately published a few of your own Instagram photos from the party . One of the pictures she signed as "It's all credit goes to the white suit " , alluding to the fact that the views of others were glued to it is thanks to him .

Enjoy the pictures of the classic version of Kara and hope that it will be more likely to appear in public in similar outfits instead of the stretched T-shirts and sporting jeans.

Kara Devlin at a party in Shanghai Burberry