Jul 1, 2013

Lana Del Rey: she reveals her soft belly unashamedly on the set of her new video!

Lana Del Rey on the set of her new video in Los Angeles

If we knew that Lana Del Rey had forms, it seems that the American singer is seriously let go in recent weeks. Spotted in Los Angeles, where she is currently filming her new video, the former muse H & M was far from being at the top of the firm.

She forms and she takes! A quieter lately, she just made an appearance at Cannes last May during the red carpet of The Great Gatsby, it appears on the soundtrack, Lana Del Rey is far having said its last word in music. After the board of his debut album Born To Die, which has sold millions of copies around the world, the American singer will continue to ride the wave of success.

This is Los Angeles as the star of 27 years was spotted yesterday (Sunday June 30) in the middle of shooting her new video. In an atmosphere of "suburb" of LA with girls rubbing boys a little rebellious, Lana Del Rey is displayed with a silhouette for less plump. Small jean shorts open blouse tied with his apparent bra, the singer explained without complex and tattooed his soft underbelly. Visibly in his sneakers, the old M & égérieH she planned to stay in its natural or clip to be Photoshopped to editing? Because if ordinary Lana art captivated us this time is missed.