Jul 12, 2013

Fantasy on a Theme: Preparing for the birth of the first child of William and Catherine

Right before the "day X" (the same is expected to be born child of William and Catherine - July 13), a British photographer Alison Jackson unveiled its next project, illustrating the everyday life of the royal family: this time in the frame - the final preparations for the birth of a new monarch.

Starring fantasy photo project - the characters are well known to us, "Kate", "Will", "Pippa" and "great-grandmother Elizabeth." Here the parents are engaged together in training for childbirth, that the Duchess with her sister estimates reserves "diapers", before heading into the spa (where Catherine even cause tanning), but the prince and queen help the expectant mother to choose clothes for the christening .

By the way, this time Jackson fantasies are without some reason: According to the latest reports, the Duchess of Cambridge and the truth has hired a yoga instructor to prepare for childbirth.

Also, according to insiders, Catherine is very serious attention to the issue of preservation of the figures: during pregnancy it was engaged in a personal fitness trainer who helped save the form expectant mother, the Duchess herself and carefully monitor their diet

'Catherine' and 'Pippa' do yoga ...

... and check diapers ...

... As well as preparing for a party on the occasion of the birth of the baby