Charlotte Casiraghi pregnant?

Prince Albert, Princess Caroline and Charlotte Casiraghi

The network has pictures of monarchs Monaco - Prince Albert, Princess Caroline and Charlotte Casiraghi, who were the guests of honor equestrian tournament in Monte Carlo on 28 and 29 June. Special attention is attracted public photos of a young princess, after watching that many could not help ask: royal family of Monaco is expected replenishment?

Recall that the pregnancy rumors 26-year-old Charlotte for several weeks actively circulated in the Western media: in the middle June, for example, she was spotted at the airport in Nice - in pictures paparazzi, many also saw the emerging tummy.

While officials monarchs did not comment on the situation, the network already being hotly discussed. "Pregnant before marriage - a family tradition of family Garibaldi" - joke bloggers and remember: the Prince Albert two illegitimate children, Princess Stephanie - three, Princess Caroline was in position in front of two of his three weddings, and this spring, the first-born was born to Andrea Casiraghi and his fiancee Tatiana Santo Domingo