Jul 12, 2013

Celebrity Street Style: Lady Gaga in New York City

Lady Gaga seems to be quite ready for full-fledged return to the stage. This is shown not only by its new photo shoots, but the street photos (for them thanks blogger Fashionobsession) - star in fine form again and shocking the audience.

On the streets of New York, the singer appeared in a very open dress - she wore a mini skirt and top she replaced the bra. The meaning of this image, in principle, is clear - the star is very thin, but as another who had come to show its normal shape, if not in this way?

Was at Lady Gaga and another reason to boast of himself - again she put on her high heels. After joint disease she had to go to the flat shoes, but it's over now, and she flaunts in the ankle boots and platform heels. Moreover, it seems Gaga is so proud of his shoes, even sitting down in the car, put up his feet into the open window for all to see.