Jun 29, 2013

Rafael Nadal: tennis star reveals her body of Apollo in Ibiza!

Rafael Nadal in Ibiza!

Eliminated in the first round of Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal went faster than expected in vacation mode. It is in the bay of Ibiza, on a rented yacht with friends, the Spanish tennis player of 27 years was spotted yesterday.

A quick tour and then goes away! Eliminated in his first at Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal has not immortalized in London, where the weather is far less merciful than his home in Spain. Spotted earlier this week in concert charmer of the ladies, Julio Iglesias, with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello, the winner of the last tournament at Roland Garros has left Barcelona to join the beautiful turquoise waters of Ibiza. There is not the British singer James Blunt who plays the lazy out there right now.

Photographed yesterday (Friday June 28) in the company of friends with whom he rented a white yacht to take it easy, Rafael Nadal has exhibited his muscular body in a blue swimming shorts. Hair in the wind, the absent smile, he is not very expressive kind, Rafa took care to protect his left knee. Victim of tendinitis in the rehearsals tennis players was forced to stop the competition for several months. Frustrated at not being able to play the Spanish watch is still back to his best level. These vacation there, he deserves!

So how do you find Rafael Nadal in a swimsuit? Would you like to spend a day with him in Ibiza?