Apr 27, 2017

19-year-old actress Bella Thorne seduced best friend - Girls kissed video

Girls kissed right in the middle of the dance floor and no one was embarrassed

How many 19-year-old American actress Bella Thorne had an affair — do not count. And if it was just a relationship... a Sweet girl from the Disney channel is changing Boyfriends like gloves, change them and generally doing whatever he wants, writes peopletalk.

Recall from June 2015 to April 2016, the actress met with actor Gregg Salkina, who starred in "Wizards of Waverly place", and from September to December of the same year was with the main character of the series "teen Wolf" — Tyler Posey. From him she had gone to the singer Charlie Harris, but after 4 days they broke up. And recently, bell stated that it does not choose between boys and girls.

At a party Bella seduced her best friend Lo. Girls, as eyewitnesses speak, kissed right in the middle of the dance floor and no one was embarrassed. But Thorne still managed to capture all of this on camera.

Friends of Bella not even surprised about this – in the video you can hear it trying to count how many times the girls will kiss, just like at the wedding.

But Bella still not only having fun and kissing with everyone: your 19, she starred in the films "Plain", "Mixed" and "Sworn friends," posed for the covers of Glamour, Glitter and many others, and appeared on the red carpet over 100 times.