Mar 10, 2016

VIDEO - "Captain America: Civil War": Spider-Man prompted surprise from the new trailer

Marvel has put online a trailer for "Captain America: Civil War" where Spider-Man arrives from nowhere.

It is the surprise of the end of the day, Thursday, March 10. Marvel has just offered fans an explosive trailer for Captain America: Civil War. It is instructive but book especially a surprise weight, namely the appearance suspected, hoped and expected from Spider-Man. If superhero teams were known, a question lay in the fact that Iron Man team was outnumbered 5 to 6. The veil is now lifted and it Spider-Man that will complement a team already rich in powerful ally of Tony Stark.
The Sokovia agreements in the centre of the problem

Recall that the Avengers tear after the U.S. Government proposed to establish the Sokovia agreements. They want to establish a registration and a systematic control of the superhuman. In this regard, Captain America, who is against, will be opposed to Iron Man, supporter of this measure after disasters and the damage inflicted on civilians during attacks on New York and the Sokovie during the previous Avengers and Avengers: the Ultron era.

Solid friendships despite torn Avengers

The teams seem so full and the fight between the two groups promises to be epic. Iron Man and Captain America can rely on relatives, who follow them in their fight. Thus, Steve Rogers will be assisted by Sam Wilson aka the Falcon, equipped with armor and mechanical wings allowing it to be air support. On the side of Tony Stark, it is his friend officer the Air Force Rhodey aka War Machine once coated armor similar to that of Iron Man, supporting his belief that we must control the superhuman in order to protect the population.

The S.H.I.E.L.D agents and members of the Avengers, Hawkeye (Team Captain') and the black widow (side Iron Man), will have to sit on their friendship to go each camp. Vision meanwhile will follow Stark, like newcomer Black Panther, while Scarlet Witch will go with Captain America, Ant - Man the footsteps. The winter soldier and Spider-Man complete the two sextets.