Dec 3, 2015

Kylie Jenner accused of animal cruelty

Kylie Jenner accused of animal cruelty

Another scandal in the family Kardashian-Jenner. 18-year-old Kylie is accused of animal cruelty. Animal welfare activists believe that the star of the reality show forgets to feed their four-legged Pets.

A storm of criticism fell on Kylie after she has published in social networks a video with your dogs - Italian greyhounds Bambi and Norman - where the animals look very skinny. One of a pet can be see protruding ribs.

Kylie Jenner accused of dogs

Subscribers Jenner outraged that Kylie so neglects their Pets and allows them to be so thin.

Please feed the dogs and give them love and attention. These dogs are starving,

- wrote one of the followers Kylie.

Among the subscribers of the young stars were found, and those who live at home dogs of the same breed. The attentive owner of the dog stated that it is not necessary to justify the thinness Pets their origin:

I was the Italian hound, and despite her hyperactivity, ribs, dogs could not be seen. It is obvious there is a problem.

However, not all attacked Kylie. Representatives of the American club of Italian greyhounds stated that Jenner is innocent and that thinness is just a peculiarity of this breed of dogs, which in a healthy condition has to be seen three ribs.

Dogs Kylie Jenner

"Your entire life-Photoshop": "desert" photo Kim Kardashian angry fans

"Your entire life-Photoshop": "desert" photo Kim Kardashian angry fans

Kim Kardashian recently posted on its official website a photo shoot taken before pregnancy. Kim appeared in front of the lens Kesler Tran done nude. Picturesque photoset was held in the desert.

As stated by the star of reality show, the pictures were taken just a few minutes in a relaxed atmosphere:

The main goal of this event was to enjoy the moment! We arrived in the desert, having fun and very quickly shot. Are in KFC on the way there and back we stopped for doughnuts that ate on the way home.

However, site visitors and subscribers to her Kardashian Twitter caught a star in insincerity. If the shots and were made quickly and easily, over their treatment clearly had to work hard.

Kanye West's wife've overdone it with the retouched photos.

Who is retouched? Her head over all blurry

-ironizirût Twitter users.

I'm not saying that Kim Kardashian is ugly because she has curvy shape. But I declare that she is a fake!

the fan wrote.

Would I make money on Photoshop as it knows how to Kim Kardashian,

-agreed to another user.

And another podpisčica added:

Why not put something without retouching? The feeling that your entire life-Photoshop.

Meanwhile, during pregnancy scored nearly 24 kilograms of Kardashian and worries about this.

All my labours vain,

-she complains.

Maybe if not the desire of Kim look ideal, overweight would not become such a catastrophe?

photo Kim Kardashian angry fans

photo Kim Kardashian angry fans

photo Kim Kardashian angry fans