Sep 8, 2015

Selena Gomez posts hot photo and receives accolades from fans

Singer, ex of Justin Bieber, shared image on a social network.

The protagonist of the children's television series "wizards of Waverly Place" grew. Selena Gomez, who dated singer Justin Bieber, shared on the afternoon of Tuesday, 8, a photo that appears naked, if covering just with your legs and arms.

In the legend the cat wrote "Revival", which is the name of their newest album, scheduled for release on October 8. The followers were to frenzy with the sexy young image of 23 years. "I feel sick! It is very beautiful that Selena ", said one. "That perfect body! That beautiful face! That wonderful hair! "said another.

In the legend the cat wrote "Revival"

Do you know good Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II

Tomorrow is her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate the momentous date-the Queen will set a new record of stay on the throne.

Longer British monarhini, which leads the Uk already 63 years and 7 months, only her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria, who served their country 63 years, 216 days.

It would seem that for such a long period of time we had to inquire about Elizabeth II absolutely everything, but is it?

Do you know good Queen Elizabeth II?

9 September turns 63 years and 7 months since the day Elizabeth II ascended the throne! For analysts this fact-proof of the stability of the British monarchy, and for us year in, year out, the opportunity to observe the favorite of British subjects and be inspired by her cheerfulness, firmness of spirit, sense of humor, and, of course, an excerpt from which she observes the Royal dress code.

The latter survived many attacks, but before criticizing Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe, it should be noted that its contents are governed by strict Protocol, according to which the Queen has no right to afford deep cuts, no shoulder, neither studs nor mini skirt, no jeans, no coat, no elegant black nor red lipstick, nor even the absence of socks-and even tens or hundreds of "no!" Among them, by the way, are and excesses in the accessories.

If other fashionable temptations Queen has defied, demonstrating a truly Royal shutter speed, it's about the accessories we have many issues to it. The fact of the matter is that her portrait photography burdened with details. Blame-excess of accessories: the portraits of Queen for attention are struggling simultaneously spotted print, three-tier pearls, earrings, brooch, bizarre hat, flower on the hat and glasses. If the frame gets even and bouquet that the Queen keeps in hand-write was gone!

Otherwise, it outputs-sample restraint and elegance: colored monochromatic dresses or suits of medium length, necessarily covering the knee, coats and cloaks, dresses floor length for ceremonial events, heel height of 2 inches (5 cm) sleeve length three quarters, as well as gloves, closed shoes with blunt Cape, pearls, diamonds and a transparent umbrella.

In General, the history of style Queen distinguish two periods: young style Queen-conservative and elegant, and an old style Queen, informally known as the "Rainbow", which received its name for the love of the Queen to the bright colors that filled her wardrobe in 2000 and that she wears so far.

Angela Kelly, a personal Dresser of Queen Elizabeth II from 1994 onwards, released a book about creating a wardrobe of one of the most famous and elegant women not only Europe but also of peace, tells us that the choice of the color Royal attire should be coordinated with the reason for which her Majesty will appear before the public. Have to take into account all circumstances-even what monarhinû will be photographed on the street where the main background is green trees. For example, for the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen chose Golden dress, because the entire concert took place on the stage, built around the Golden Memorial to Queen Victoria. And here is by boat on the Thames Elizabeth swam in white attire. This color was chosen to contrast with the Red trim of the ship.

There are other rules: If the Queen goes on visit to children, mainly in its suit are the details, because children pay attention to feathers, ribbons, frills and bright colors. However, if it is to a long car ride, Elizabeth's clothes must not appear folds, while the outfit should be as convenient and practical. The same rules apply for evening dresses: no heaps of fabrics and heavy beading decoration.

As for hats, then, when visiting a nursing home, the Queen wears a structured Hat bright colors to accessory see even people with visual impairments, but heading the Royal horse racing, selects a model with utâželennymi fields to the headdress is not carried out by the wind. In short, the basic principle of today's Royal dress code is strict conservatism.

A little more freedom could afford a "young" Queen. Although she was never a victim of fashion, her wedding dress, tailor, established in year 1947 the Royal Court by Norman Hartnellom influenced by the paintings of the artists of the Renaissance, was included in the list of the most beautiful wedding dresses of the 20th century and present samples of wedding fashion.

Prior to his coronation in 1953 year Elizabeth made a bet on a new bow, a bright palette and texture for flying balls, restrained Tweed suits for business trips and travels. Particularly tender feelings young Beth fed white Atlas and krepu, grey tvidu, fialkovomu silk and pink tulle. Her favorites were invariably silk and satin floral skirts. Generally, in the 50-IES of the style Elizabeth perfectly suited her status of the young Queen. Her wardrobe consisted of elegant suits, evening sets in the style of Grace Kelly, tight bodices and wide skirts, tiny hats and purses.

Later pull the waist gave way to straight cut - Dress-square and square coat sleeves, jackets and skirts were ukorotilis′. Hat Queen were sewed while Elsa Schiaparelli, and other renowned designers and had no fields, recalling minimalistic turbans.

And in the 60-ies and 70-ies gave itself felt love Queen colors: for official receptions she chose bright yellow, coral and green sets. It was during this decade, the monarch has a unique style and becomes the "grandmother of the nation", as it is now her name is British. Known for the Queen and their images "closer to the people", promoting anti consumer lifestyles: suits, Tweed skirts and vests, rubber boots and scarf.

That to fashion designers, working on Royal orders, in the 40-IES and 50-IES of the dresses for the Princess, and later Queen shil already mentioned Norman Hartnell. In the first years of her reign she began to work with the designer Hardy Èmisom, who will wear the British Royal family until his death in 2003 year. From the mid-50 's and throughout the 60 's to the Queen, Hardy Amies and sews with 70 's with her works Ian Thomas, formerly Assistant to Norman Hartnella. After his death, and until the late 80 's to Queen Elizabeth Sheila Maureen rose from the design houses of Ian Thomas.

Since the late 80 's to mid 90 's wardrobe Queen replenishes outfits from John Anderson, after his death the Court designer becomes his partner Karl Ludwig Reza. With 2000 's for Elizabeth II employs the youngest of courtiers designers of her Majesty-Stewart Parvin, a graduate of Edinburgh College of art. In 2002, his Assistant becomes Angela Kelly.

Drawing, diving and third pregnancy: truth and rumors about Duchess Catherine

Drawing, diving and third pregnancy: truth and rumors about Duchess Catherine

The Chief Newsmaker of the week-Queen Elizabeth II, but also in the life of the Duchess of Cambridge there are many interesting things. news-4y studied the latest news and rumors about loud Kate Middleton.

Learning to draw: the truth

As reported by the British media, over the past summer, the Duchess has learned to do well to draw. Resting from secular receptions, Kate not only spent time with children and engaged in gardening, but also trained in the fine arts. The Duchess has created several pencil sketches of her children. Of course, at the National Gallery of portraits don't appear, but hobby great.

Going back to work: the truth

Despite the fact that Kate just recently became a mother for the second time, the Duchess is already preparing to return to his public duties, and attending various events. This insistence and Queen Elizabeth II, considering that four months is enough time to come to and relax. So much so that child care workers lack No.

Waiting for the third child: hearing

Small maternity leave after the birth of her daughter, many MEDIA OUTLETS perceived as purdah in order to conceal news of the third child. Prince William and Kate have never concealed that the dream of a big family, but official statements from spouses.

Engaged in diving: the truth

This summer Kate has become a qualified diver. A fan of sailing, tennis and hockey received an official certificate from the Professional Association. Now, if Katherine will need to hide from intrusive journalists, she easily could dive to a depth of 30 meters.

The perfect role model: the truth

A survey of almost 2,000 Brits revealed that 34 per cent of them believe it is Kate Middleton a perfect role model. Especially uk residents like Prince William's wife for a good example, she takes the young mothers.

Chelsea Clinton: Kanye West President? "This is awesome!"

Chelsea Clinton abu Kanye West President

In an interview for MTV News, Chelsea support Kanye West. Will she give up her own mother for the darling of Kim Kardashian?

During the MTV VMA 2015, Kanye West has concluded his speech by announcing that he had presidential 2020. Following this, he received the support of many friends from Rihanna to Taylor Swift. Internet users, they were less favourable to this unusual nomination. But Kanye can especially count press size, Chelsea Clinton's.
Sorry Hillary!

Impossible to ignore who is this young woman since it is the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton. His mother has even presidential 2016 facing Donald Trump. And if she is elected, she will be so against Kanye West in 2020 (if she decided to follow a new mandate).

Only if she hoped to count on the support of his offspring it is missed. In an interview, the woman said what she thought of the candidature of the rapper: "even if he said it like that, it helps the boys and girls watching the VMA and say: Oh wow!" "Maybe I can do that ' this is awesome '.

Kanye West, soon at the head of a movement that encourages young people to engage in politics? And why not! In the meantime, remains to be seen if the man is going to continue his campaign and if everything is not just a joke.

The tabloids write about Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

The tabloids write about Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

The tabloids are closely watching relations Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson. Musicians regularly spend time together-go to restaurants, and recently even got in a car accident. Luckily, nothing serious, but the difficulty is known to bring. It appears you can safely talk about new stellar pair.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus personal life all the time turns out to be the center of attention. Initially the singer broke off the engagement with Liam Hemsvortom, then she was seen in the company of Kellana Latsa, and later the whole world was discussing her affair with Patrick Schwarzenegger. In addition, girl, actively supports the LGBT community, suspected in a relationship with model Stella Maxwell.

Cody Simpson turned out to be more modest for his shoulders just a two-year romance with model Gigi Hadid, which singer parted ways early in May to devote more time to his career.

Apparently, Miley is not so strongly interferes with the artist to realize their plans.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

By the way, 2011 year, Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus together took part in charity project Place Called Home, but among them were just friendships.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson

Kylie Jenner shows good form with tight gym clothes

Kylie Jenner shows good form with tight gym clothes

Little sister of Kim Kardashian if exercised at a gym in Los Angeles, in the United States.

Kylie Jenner showed his good form with tight jogging suit and leaving part of your belly. The socialite, Kim Kardashian's younger sister, exercised at a gym in Los Angeles, in the United States. After malhação, Kylie made a pit stop for a snack.

The day before, in post on Instagram, Kylie Jenner drew attention for his "collection". The socialite appears of gym clothing, with their bellies showing, in photos on the social network. For one of selfies, Minogue posed with part of your closet to the bottom